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How can I cancel my DAYDI membership subscription? (Avoid a renewal)

In DAYDI application, the payment process is not directly managed by us but by the platform where you subscribed. Thus, subscription cancellation should be processed where the initial purchase occurred.

Please be aware that neither uninstalling the app nor deleting your account will result in automatic subscription cancellation. The cancellation must be carried out actively.

To do this, you must disable recurring payments. It's crucial to remember that the subscription will remain in effect until its scheduled expiry, even if you cancel immediately after purchase.

For instance, if a 1-month subscription is bought and subsequently cancelled, the subscription will remain in force until the month's end, but it won't renew thereafter.

The cancellation process varies based on your chosen payment method:

App Store: Subscription cancellation must be done through your Apple account, following these steps: Apple Instructions (English), German, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, French, Spanish.

NOTE: We're unable to cancel your App Store subscription for DAYDI, as Apple restricts our access to your payment information. If you cannot access your Apple account, you should get in touch with Apple's Support.

Ensure you log into the correct Apple account. If the cancel button is not visible in the App Store, this means either there's no active auto-renewing subscription (it might already be cancelled), or you're not logged in to the right Apple account.

If you create an account on DAYDI, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account

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How can I sigh in?

On the initial screen, tap the button: Log in with an existing account (located at the bottom of the screen) In the E-mail field, your e-mail. In the Password field, enter your password Tap the Continue button

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